Seafair EMG Volunteer Sign Up

EMGWA is recruiting for Emergency Management, Communications and Medical support for the 2024 Seattle Seafair events:

Click here or use the QR code below to signup on Volunteer Local, Seafair’s volunteer registration system.

After browsing to Volunteer Local, choose your preferred event, enter your first name and email address, and click submit.

If you’re an existing volunteer who has been approved by EMG, you’ll proceed to shift selection. Simply look for roles starting with the prefix “EMG” to sign up for emergency management and medical shifts. Sorting by job can help you quickly find EMG positions.

New applicants will be directed to an application. Make sure to select YES to “Are you applying to volunteer in medical or emergency management (EMG) roles (additional training/qualifications will be required)?” and complete the additional fields. Your application will be reviewed and approved within a week, after which you’ll receive further instructions.

Please note that approved EMG volunteers will be assigned qualifications based on their application information. Once logged in to Volunteer Local, you’ll only see jobs that you’re qualified for, as our roles are restricted based on qualifications in categories such as Command Staff, Emergency Management, Medical, Water Safety, Air Safety, and Drones.

 We encourage you to sign up for shifts by late May for credentialing purposes, although sooner is better to support our planning.